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Logistics service

  • It unites the individual service dismantling of equipment, carry-out, transportation and customs clearance, it provides logistics services total.
  • For customers who wish to only individual services, I hear the service of only that portion.
  • Precision equipment, such as machine tools manufacturing semiconductor devices in general, other: Major equipment. (Machines and equipment with high precision is the main.)

  1. Factories and warehouse work
    • 1.1 Equipment dismantling
      There was a center (stepper, diffusion furnace, CVD / PVD, such as test equipment) the semiconductor manufacturing equipment, a proven track record of heavy and precision equipment in our company.
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    • 1.2 Loading / Unloading
      In the form of maintaining the air cleanliness and a clean room environment, I am subjected to loading and unloading.
      It is also noted that the back after the original loading and unloading at our company.
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      搬出0912 搬出0912 搬出0912
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    • 1.3 Simple packing (Clean packing)
      You strictly packing it so as not to be exposed to the outside air equipment at our company.
      The part where there is a projection, etc. in the equipment, I will display in the taping or mark.
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  2. Domestic transport
    • To match the luggage to be transported, will arrange the track at our company.
      The models, there are 2 to 10 tons car, air suspension, box cars, Winged luggage compartment car, a car with power gate, and with crane car.
      トラック2:truck1 搬出0912 搬出0912 搬出0912
  3. Packing hall work
    • 3.1 Export packing
      The packing method, there are cases (wooden box) packing, crate (wooden frame) packing, framework sealed wood packaging (wooden frame + plywood), skid packaging, pallet / stretch packaging, and vacuum barrier packaging.
      梱包1:service08 skid梱包:skid 梱包2:service09
    • 3.2 Container loading (Banning / Rushing)
      Banning the (van-justified), it is the process by which to pack luggage to the container.
      The lashing is the work to fix luggage crammed to the container so that it does not move.
      トラック1:trans05 トラック2:service11
  4. International transport(Vessel/Air)
    vessel:export-vessel air:export-air
  5. Export and import procedures
    • 5.1 Import and export paperwork
    • 5.2 Customs formalities

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