Reducing the relocation and transportation

In the fast growing market which accelerates its speed along with the evolution of information society, each electrical machinery manufacturing industry and precision machinery manufacturer has rapidly repeated M&A and integration inside of the same industry in order to keep the continuous superiority.

Differentiation of products/business models and the reduction & rationalization of production/labor costs have been very important points for companies to keep on developing under today’s circumstances.

They are changing their production lines and relocating their production facilities/equipment on a daily basis as it is said that integration of production subjects and technical cooperation are effective for reducing production costs. Also, it is said that transferring production bases overseas are effective for reducing labor costs.

What we focus on is the proportion of the transferring cost to the market price of the production facilities/equipment. The transferring cost of production facilities/equipment reaches at least 20% or more against the market price of its facilities/equipment, and occasionally 50%, while the distribution cost reaches only about 5% of its selling price in general.

To break through such situation, we have launched a new company specializing in relocation and transportation. It values “safety”, “satisfaction” and “low cost” combining our technology of shut-down/disassembling the equipment and know-how on crating/transportation.

What's the Semitool logistics?

Semi Tool Logistics, is a logistics company that specializes in relocation and transportation of the production facilities/equipment in each industrial field. Moreover, it is a professional group of precision/electrical equipment who has been dealing mainly on semiconductor, LCD, LED, laboratory & medical equipment etc.

We will fulfill your diverse demands with our modern technology and proficiency at the lowest price by making full use of our knowledge on shut-down/disassembling facilities/equipment and on our independently developed method on moving out/crating.

We will offer consistent service as our original content which includes disassembly, moving out/crating of equipment/facility in a factory, transportation to your destination, and loading/installation of equipment/facilities in a factory.

In order to make transportation more smooth, not only in Japan but also in every country around the world, we currently check the customs clearance situation of each country on a daily basis and arrange transportation for customers.

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